Ice Sevens


Ice Sevens Challenge

On July 2nd, 2017 Jaimie Monahan, an American ultramarathon and ice swimmer from New York City, became the first person in the world to complete the Ice Sevens Challenge which is governed by the International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) rules, this unique challenge was based on the concept of the Seven Summits and Oceans Seven.  "The concept of the Seven Summits, the Oceans Sevens and the Ice Sevens are massive logistical, physiological, and psychological challenges in the seven continents of the world that require a huge amount of training, skill, patience and strategical intelligence."

To achieve the Ice Sevens, Jaimie completed seven ice miles under standard ice swimming rules ratified by the IISA, in just over a year.  The rules of the challenge specified that aspirants complete ice miles swum below 5ºC (41ºF) in any location in Europe, Oceana, Asia (including Russia), North America, South America, as well as a Polar ice mile at or below 60º south latitude or above 70º north latitude.  As an additional challenge, one of the seven ice miles must be a documented Zero Ice Mile (defined as a solo mile swim performed at or below 1ºC.)

This quest took Jaimie and her team around the globe to some of the world’s most stunning and extreme landscapes.  #1 in Europe on April 2nd 2016 in Reykjavík, Iceland in 3.70°C water (3°C wind chill + 5.6°C air) in 35 minutes 0 seconds in the sea with 12 km/hr wind speed

#2 in Asia (Ice Zero Mile) on December 18th 2016 in Tyumen, Russia in -0.03°C water (-31°C wind chill + air) in 30:20 in an ice pool cut into a frozen lake

#3 in Africa on February 13th 2017 in Aguelmame Sidi Ali Lake, Morocco in 4.9°C water (-0.5°C wind chill + 3°C air) in 32:18 in a mountain lake with 14 km/hr wind speed

#4 within the Arctic Circle on March 4th 2017 in Mikkelvik Brygge, Karlsøy, Norway in 2.37°C water (-3.5°C air) in 32:09 in the sea with 4 km/hr wind speed

#5 in North America on March 9th 2017 at M Street Beach, Boston, USA in 4.63°C water (6.1°C wind chill + 9°C air) in 26:16 in the sea with 20 km/hr wind speed

#6 in Oceania on May 15th 2017 in Tasman Lake, Aoraki Mt. Cook, New Zealand in 2.37°C water (14°C air) in 26:44 in a glacier lake

#7 in South America on July 2nd 2017 in Ushuaia, Argentina in 4.76°C water (5.9°C air) in 29:05 in the Beagle Channel